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19 April 2010

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Pro Credit Bank, and Hotel Victory Support the Upcoming International Conference on Western Balkans and the Future of the EU

Kosovo Public Policy Center (KPPC) and its partners, American University in Kosovo Research Center and Victory University College, as co-organizers of the international conference "Western Balkans: An Opportunity or a Challenge for the Future of the EU" wish to express the outmost sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) in Prishtina for its substantial contribution towards the conference.  We also would like to publicly thank and acknowledge Pro Credit Bank - Kosovo and Hotel Victory for their significant contributions towards the conference as well.

The purpose of the conference is to elaborate, discuss, and share experiences, approaches, and understandings on key policies that relate to a Western Balkans country’s EU accession aspirations.  The objective of the conference, however, is to bring together a number of scholars, professionals, and policymakers in an academic and policy-relevant discussion about the prospects of Western Balkans integration into the European Union. More specifically, as a result of the conference, the first special issue of the Western Balkans Policy Review, a semi-annual, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal will come out.  This special edition of the WBP Review will publish key works, papers, and discussions presented at the conference – which can be used by both academics and policymakers with an interest on the Western Balkans and EU.  

Overall, this project, which we hope will turn into a traditional annual undertaking, both enhances human capacity in terms of prospective EU integration and strengthens democratic practices of the Western Balkans countries.  "It is certainly of great importance that this process is starting in Prishtina, because it provides Kosovo with a unique opportunity to rise up to its proper place in regional undertakings towards EU integration," said Faton Bislimi, Senior Fellow and Managing Director of KPPC. "We are thus very much thankful to all of our current sponsors and eventual future ones for their support," he added. Without the support and financial backing of such generous institutions, this conference would not have been possible. 

The conference has attracted potential presenters from across the Balkans, Europe, and North America. Its keynote speakers are internationally renowned scholars and include Dr. James Pettifer (UK), Dr. Finn Laursen (Canada), and Dr. Konrad Clewing (Germany).  The conference will also benefit from presentations by high ranking Kosovo Government officials and foreign representatives in Prishtina.

Finally, the conference is organized by the Kosovo Public Policy Center jointly with the American University in Kosovo Research Center and Victory University College, and will take place on 26-27 June 2010 in Prishtina.


For more information, please contact:
Mr. Ardian Syla
Research Fellow
Kosovo Public Policy Center


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