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If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?   
Albert Einstein  

At KPPC we strive to deliver results that matter now and in the future!

Knowledge is essential in producing good policies. Accurate knowledge can be produced through rigorous research. Focusing on rigorous research and then undertaking substantive and adequate analyses is what our Center engages in when working towards producing studies relevant to given topics or questions at hand. 

We have a set of identified research areas that we believe require more attention in developing countries and transitioning economies in general, and Kosovo in particular.  These research and training areas generally include:
          - economic and social development
          - poverty alleviation and growth  
          - multiculturalism and ethnic relations
          - post-conflict development and reconstruction
          - immigration and remittances
          - state-building, political institutions, and democracy
          - peace-keeping and peace-building
          - rule of law, human rights, and gender equality
          - public health, youth, and education
          - private sector development, banking, and finance

The Center believes that good public policies require a good understanding of public opinion and public interests at large. Thus, the Center employs opinion polling and face-to-face surveys when conducting research that requires information from the general public.  Other forms of research such as interviews, desk research, field research, content analysis, literature reviews, etc., do also serve as an integral part of our overall work and are more or less utilized depending on the nature and substance of each particular research project.

Each research project calls for particular sets of data and information as well as certain analytical tools and methodologies. From analytical frameworks to critical analysis, we make sure to use only the best and most appropriate tools and methodologies when engaged in research. This helps in keeping our objective of providing rigorous research, critical analyses, and as a result acceptable policy alternatives.

If you are interested in undertaking a particular research project or study - then, you are in the right place. Email us at info@kppcenter.org for further information.



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