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3 May 2010

The 2010 International Conference on Western Balkans and the EU Promises to be an Enriching Experience

As the deadline for abstract submission for the conference passed on 30 April 2010, the Conference Academic Committee has already begun to review and assess submitted abstracts.  The conference organizers are more than thankful to all of those interested participants who submitted abstracts.

Indeed, the conference has attracted significant interest from academics, policy professionals, and graduate students from the Balkans, Europe, and North America. A large number of very good and interesting abstracts has been received. The conference organizers have made significant changes to the preliminary agenda to accommodate as many paper presenters as possible, however, it is unfortunate that for practical reasons not all of them will be accepted.

All interested participants that have submitted abstracts will be notified very soon about their eventual selection. The Conference Academic Committee has, however, decided to extend offers for publication in the Western Balkans Policy Review to those abstracts that cannot be presented at the conference simply because of time and other practical constraints.

A draft Conference Program will be made available on the conference webpage as soon as selected papers are confirmed. So, please check back with us in the upcoming days for updates.

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