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Public Policy Paper Series
This Public Policy Paper Series provides a publishing and dissemination opportunity for scholarly papers, including relevant thesis works, in key themes relating to a wide range of public policies relating to Kosovo and the region. 

There is no submission deadline. We consider papers on an ongoing basis and publish successful ones occasionally.

All scholars with an interest in Kosovo, and especially recent post-graduates and graduate students, are encouraged to submit their papers for consideration. Each submitted paper undergoes a peer review process. The Center may also call upon academics from local universities in Kosovo and the region to review certain papers.

Under this Series, papers that deal with either one particular public policy issue or a range of public policies with focus on Kosovo or using Kosovo as a case study will be considered. 

Successful papers will be published on our website and disseminated to our network of academic, public, private, and non-for-profit sectors regionally and internationally.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Please make sure that the paper you submit to our Center's Public Policy Paper Series has not been published online or in any other form before. Modified versions, updated editions of previously published papers, however, may be considered.
  • All papers must be in English, typed, and submitted via email on a .DOC format (MS Word), using Times New Roman font, size 12 pt, 1 inch margins, double-spaced.
  • All papers must include relevant references in either MLA, APA, Harvard, or any other recognized academic citation style.
  • All papers should include a 300-word (max) abstract and full name, affiliation, academic background and contact details of the author.
  • Individual or group authored papers are considered.

If interested, please submit your paper via email to papers@kppcenter.org, If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at papers@kppcenter.org 



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