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3 February 2011

WBP Review Volume 1, Issue 1 - Now Available

After a rather lengthy peer-review and editorial process, the first group of selected articles that were presented at the Western Balkans: An Opportunity or a Challenge for the Future of the EU international conference have now been published in our Western Balkans Policy Review, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2010. The journal is in the printing process.

Complete articles of the WBP Review 1:1 (2010) are available in PDF format on the journal webpage. 

If you want to receive a printed copy of the first issue of the journal, please email us at journal@kppcenter.org

The second issue of the journal, which also include several selected papers from our 2010 conference is in its final phase of the peer-review and editorial process. Those articles will also be made available online on the journal webpage and the second issue is expected to come out in printed format in about one month.

For more information about the journal or to submit an article or book review, please see the journal webpage or contact us at journal@kppcenter.org

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